Financial Planning

We all have goals in life that we might wish to achieve, most of goals are predictable-like children education, a home, vacations, comfortable retirement etc. We spend our waking hours, working for a living. We feel satisfied when we are able to provide the conveniences to our family. However, our goals keep moving up, up & away. The shifting goal posts of life ensures that we are constantly on the treadmill, working some more to earn more. This endless pursuit of material goals tires us out. Some of those goals make us stretch ourselves to the fullest and add stress & anxiety instead of a sense of purpose and to achieve them. That is why even many acknowledged high fliers are not happy with their lives, even though they are respected, are earning quite well and have more than taken care of all their family needs.

The life that we would like for ourselves are often decided by us. That would include financial goals as well. One needs to ponder over the sort of life they would want to create for themselves. Based on this, a financial plan would be created to help one live a life that’s energising, elevating & blissful. This whole exercise is called Financial Life Planning.